Five Nights at Codist's & Co

Fangame / Cancelled
Jan 01, 2020

fnacac is a five nights at freddys rip off with my friends and i’s personas instead of quirky animatronics

the gameplay is bad, the art is bad, the sound design is bad, the ui is bad, everything is bad, but somehow everyone has been gaslit into believing they want another pile of garbage on their plate to devour nom nom nom

like seriously there is no value to this game, none


there is no gameplay

you start the game, type start, then the game starts (wow)

from then on you sit in a room looking at cameras until the timer hits 0, you may think that it isnt that bad because this is basically just fnaf 1 but no

nothing changes because this game was unfinished. so every night is like this but slightly harder, VERY SLIGHTLY


there are a 1 secrets hidden in the game from what i remember

when you type sans on the title screen it’ll play a short sound byte of megalovania


i will never make a sequel to this